Measuring and Ordering Information

Measuring the amount of sod needed for your project is a very important step in the process and can be done with just the aid of measuring tape, paper, pencil, and a small calculator.

Be sure to measure carefully and re-check all of your measurements. Sod is a live product and cannot be returned once it has been harvested and delivered. Also, be sure to add 5% to your measurements in order to have enough sod for your project. Having our customers left with either too much sod or not enough are both circumstances that we would like to avoid.

One relatively easy measuring technique to use in order to find the amount of sod needed is to take the total lot area in square feet and subtract all of the non-lawn areas:

Property Size Non-Lawn Area

(Length x Width) - (Length x Width) = Turf Requirements

Please be sure to add all Non-Lawn Area Together before subtracting from the lot size.

Another method is to measure all of the areas that you intend to sod separately (length X width) and add all of these areas together.

Either of these methods will give you your sod requirements in square feet.

Once you have found the total sod requirements in square feet, you can then simply call our Constantine Turf Farm office and we can help you with ordering your sod. Our farm cuts turf in 2 ft X 5 ft. pieces which is 10 square feet per roll.


Our SOD is Cut Fresh Daily!!

So please allow us time to ready your order for you.

Pick-Up Orders

We appreciate your busy schedule and will try to have your sod cut and available for you when you arrive. Please call our office at the Turf Farm (1-269-435-7605) to order your sod at least a day in advance. We can give you directions to the field site and can give you an approximate time that the sod will be available for you.

Sod Delivery Orders

Please call early to place any sod delivery orders and we will try to accommodate your schedule. Once you have determined your ordering requirements and have talked to us about your sod project, we will be happy to help guide you in deciding one of the most important steps……..

Sod is a live product and must be installed immediately upon delivery.

It is especially crucial to have your project ready and your manpower available during the hot summer months as the sod can heat up and be easily damaged if not installed promptly.

It is also essential to have your in ground irrigation system installed and in working order before the sod is delivered. Trying to locate and repair lines that are not working is much more difficult once the sod has been installed.

Again, be sure to have the manpower in place to install the sod as soon as it is delivered. A sod project is not the type of project that you work on slowly over the course of a few days or weeks. One guideline to follow as you schedule manpower is that one person can lay approximately 500 square feet of sod per hour.

Note: Each roll of sod will weigh somewhere between 35 – 40 pounds and can be handled easily by the reasonably strong person that is used to outdoor, physical labor. You don’t need to purchase any special tools in order to lay sod. A Stanley knife or an old steak knife can be used to trim any sod pieces that need to be cut to size.